Must I seal plywood sub-floor before laying peel-stick Tile?

sewhappy_2007March 15, 2008

I have just had a craft room built into the attic space over my garage. I plan to use peel-and-stick 12x12 tile for the flooring. The subfloor is 3/4" plywood that is smooth and clean. I've been told by a non-professional that I must either seal or paint the plywood before putting the tile down. Is this necessary?

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What grade of 3/4 plywood? Finish grade birch??? I doubt it, that would be high dollar!!

3/4 pine is not sufficient for peel and stick tiles. You need a hardwood birch underlayment, like Multi-ply, Sure-ply, Halex, or even FiberRock.

Then after sanding joints and edges, and patching and letting it dry at least a day or two, before sanding again to feather, then a primer is applied to the underlayment. before setting tiles.

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I had the same kind of Sub-floor put in for my beauty shop, I to used peel and stick tile. I primed the 3/4 inch plywood, let it dry. Follow the peel and stick directions for placement. My tiles never came up.
You don't need the fancy stuff in the previous reply.
I had traffic on my floor for eight years and it looked fantastic till the day we moved out of the home., OH...just make sure to use screws to fasten plywood, we had a floor come up because of nails used by flooring people.
Have fun!

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Exterior grade plywood is not an acceptable substrate to adhere peel and stick tiles too. Period.

You must use an approved underlayment over exterior grade plywood, in order to maintain any warranties

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