Converting gas log to wood-burning

macfistoNovember 1, 2005


We currently have a fireplace that contains gas logs, but are interested in converting it into a wood-burning fireplace. We do have a chimney and a flue, so I would assume that this is possible. We also have a separate grate on which we could place logs. What do we need to do in terms of the gas line and such? Do we need to remove it or can we still use it to start the fire? Any advice/ instructions would be greatly appreciated.



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It depends on what you have.

If you have an actual gas fireplace, then it CANNOT be "converted" to woodburning. These types of units will normally be "sealed" and the doors cannot be opened.

If you have a woodburning fireplace (either masonry or metal pre-fab) that has gas logs in it, then the entire gas log set must be removed, a gas starter pipe put in its place and the appropriate grate be used (they use different grates than the gas logs have).

Any experienced chimney sweep can do this for you.

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To be honest, I'm not completely sure what I have. When you say "sealed", do you mean the actual doors to the fireplace are sealed or the flue door is sealed? I am able to access the fireplace and the flue door can be opened and closed. I'm assuming this means I can use this fireplace as a wood-burning one? There is already a type of gas starter pipe that we need to manually light every time we want to start the gas logs. Would this suffice to be used in a wood-burning fireplace?


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It sounds like you have a woodburning fireplace that has gas logs stuck in it.

It is a "damper" not a "flue door".

As I stated:
"the entire gas log set must be removed, a gas starter pipe put in its place and the appropriate grate be used (they use different grates than the gas logs have)."

It really is best that you have a chimney sweep to come out and clean it, remove the entire gas log set, and install a gas starter pipe for you. That way he/she can answer all your questions, too.

The parts are NOT interchangable for use in woodburning.

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Thanks for your help. I guess I was hoping it would be easy to switch back and forth between the gas logs and firewood. So I guess this is not the case?

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That all depends on your definition of "easy".

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I was told that if I "cap off" my fireplace, I could convert it from gas to wood burning. What does cap off mean?

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Have no idea.
Sounds like you were talking with someone who doesn't have a clue.

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New at this stuff.... I have a gas fireplace, but don't want to deal with gas altogether. Do I still have to use the gas starter pipe?

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If you have a gas starter pipe, then you do NOT have a gas fireplace. You have a woodburning fireplace with a gas starter pipe.

You do NOT have to use the gas to start the fire, but I would leave the starter pipe alone.

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OP -- Why do you want to change from gas to wood? Economy?

You might want to look into getting a gas *insert* that would blow heat into your room. You already have the gas line in place. Oh, wait a minute -- that gas line isn't copper, is it? Copper is not to code.

I just went through some of these decisions, as our house had the same setup I gather yours does: real masonry wood burning fireplace into which has been put a set of gas logs, fed by a gas line. We pulled out the copper gas line, then debated about re-piping (costly). We use the fireplace infrequently, so I have removed the gas logs; bought a grate ($20); and will burn wood (no gas starter).

This is probably the least efficient fire you could have; almost all the heat goes up the chimney. If your gas line is hard piping and not copper, I would investigate the gas insert that would have glass doors and a blower to warm your room. You would not be opening the damper for this setup; it is vented up the chimney through a small pipe.
There are also inserts that are vent free -- carbon monoxide can be a problem with them unless you ration the burn time.

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Can you remove gas lines yourself? It sounds very dangerous, and I don't trust myself enough to do it. What are some good chimeny sweeep componies in Denver that might be able to do this?

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We have a home that was built in the early 1920's. It has a fireplace with a built in gasline. Can we convert the gas to woodburning. The gasline has been capped off/cutting off the gas flow. If we can convert to woodburning, would we need to make changes in the exhaust pipe in the chimney that was used for gas. We were told that gas uses a smaller pipe for exhaust than a woodburning. Is this true? Please advise.

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It is quite possible that you will need a different exhaust pipe/chimney liner if you convert from gas burning to wood burning but you need an expert to look at it. I'm not an expert and I can't see it from here.

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I plan to convert my gas log to wood-burning.

So I went in the basement shutdown the gaz pipe.
I disconnect the gaz log pipe from the main gaz arrival.
I disconnect also inside the cheminey the gaz system (gas starter pipe).
so I remove the gas system. I remove the sand etc.
the cupper pipe is still in the cheminey but I think it's ok since it's not connected to anything.
Iam right?

so after cleaning I saw a cavity with 2 flaps.
I was wondering what is for. should I put sand in it and close the flaps?


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when I said chemney I was talking about the fire place.

concerning the chemney I think it should be fine any advice

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We have a 80's home with a gas fireplace. Gas tank is outside with feeder line thru the wall. Is it possible to remove this small line and logs, and use as a wood burning fireplace? There is a flue that opens, and we have a blower/fan for the logs. We're trying to save money. We have a few acres where we're able to supply our own logs from. Thanks for any advice you can give,

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hello I have venting gas fireplace it was installed when house was built 5 yrs ago. and have faux chimney. in other words unlined chimney stack. was wondering itf it would be worth it to convert and how much it might cost trying to find more cost efficient ways to heat livingroom and have at least one room warm.. gas bills to high and keep therm at 54
that you for any tips

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I had similar questions about my fireplace. We built 8 years ago and I paid the extra for the gas setup. Recently I wanted to use wood to help reduce heating costs. My fireplace is a Lennox unit with outside air supply and the blower setup. I figured that seeing as my house is open-concept the wood heat would work out well.
I also wasnt sure what would need to be done to convert it. I wound up taking all my install paperwork to the company who installed it, as they are 5 minutes from my home. Their service manager talked with me and explained that I did in fact have a woodburning fireplace with a gas-log setup installed. He also told me that by code they have to install it with the proper chimney and tolerances for a wood fireplace. So all I had to do was remove the 'gas guts'. Ive been burning for a few months now and its SO nice:P


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I have a gas hookup in my fireplace, and want to convert to wood. Inside the fireplace is a flex gasline as you would have behind your stove. Damper in chimney and a vent on the outside of chimney. Thank's for any info.

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hello i have a coal gas fire in a cast iron outset ' the gas pipe comes from some sort of connecter which is situated on my floor next to the fireplace , pipe then goes through the sritng board and behind the cast insert to the fire. i want to change to either a wood burning or multifuel stove, is this possible and how much iam i looking at for the whole shabang to fit one.

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