Replacement cable for recliner

gary__May 28, 2006

We have a sofa and love seat that recline. A couple of the cable assemblies that you pull to make them recline are shot. Anyone know where I can find a replacement? Someone's got to make them somewhere. If I can't find something made for this purpose I'll have to scab in some kind of push pull cable from an auto parts store.


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I have the same problem, did you find any cable pulls?

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Not yet. Think I'll ask at a furniture store to see if they have a suggestion before trying to fabricate something.

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Finally got a couple cables from the charge. They said it was still under warranty. The hard part was finding the correct phone number.

A near by furniture store, McMahan's Furniture Stores Albany OR, jerked me around for two months. They are listed as the contact for parts for Douglas, which was the brand in question. Wouldn't even give me the phone number because I didn't buy the set from them. I would have gladly purchased the parts from them that would have cost them nothing to obtain. They chose to be d*ck heads. I'll make a point not to buy anything from them ever now. Will make the same recommendation to others. Stay away from McMahan's Furniture Stores Albany, OR.

I can say that the manufacturer, Douglas Furnature, stands behind their products. I would have gladly paid for the parts. They sent them to me for free, no questions asked.

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Back to original post:

I have to get these from time to time and they are quite difficult. You have to normally start swimming upstream from retailer, distributor/importer, to manufacturer until you get someone who can get them and will sell to you.

These are often called "parachute pulls."

You will need to know the model number and manufacturer and sometimes the serial number or mfg date, as the guts change from time to time.

One place that supplies to various manufacturers is
Leggett & Platt
211 Main St.
PO Box 367
Simpsonville, KY 40067

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I have a Italsofa recliner and the cable has broke. I have contacted Paul Schatz in Lake Oswego Oregon where I purchased it and they have been less than cooperative about finding me a replacement part. Can anyone lead me in the right direction??

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We can help you get parts for most recliners- especially Douglas!

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We are a manufacture for recliner sofa parts ,please feel free to contact us

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If you need replacement parts for recliners, we have a large stock of cables, handles, motors, transformers, handsets and buttons ready for immediate shipment. We have secure online ordering 24/7. If you are not sure what you need, email for help.

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I recommend

We have tons of different recliner release cables and handles in stock and available. Contact me with your needs at and I will find your parts.

I can beat most competitor prices.

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Theres a great site called,
They sell lots of cables and handles, got mine really quick and used paypal.
Would def recommend.
They didnt advertise the one i wanted but, i got in touch and he was able to sort me out with my ring pull cable.

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