Canadel Dining Table

shimkutMay 18, 2009


I would appreciate some feedback concerning Canadel tables. I read the posts saying that Saloom and Shermag are better and/or less expensive. However, only Canadel is available in my area. I am hoping to hear about some good experiences with Canadel. Thank you so much in advance.

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I have one -- about 4 years old. It is a birch top with black legs.

The top does scratch easily so we had to have glass made to cover it.

The black on the legs has chipped slightly from chairs bumping into them.

My DH loves the table. It is solid and looks nice. It was $$$

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I have had mine since Sept. I am very pleased with the table. Its solid. I loved picking the color, size and style. I find its important to see some samples in a showroom. This was the brand in my area other than going to an Ethan Allen or the like. I ended up paying 2400. The top is wood so it can scratch although, there is a finish on it. I have a child so will look into a custom pad but any wood top table will scratch. Its a nice solid table. Its not top of the line but for that you'd have to pay much much more money. I am happy that it is real wood, beauitful and not an import. (well, its from Canada but you know what I mean-no asia)
good luck

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Thank you for the replies, Sarah and stir fryi!

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