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homeagainMay 29, 2011

I found this dresser on craigslist that I am going to see tomorrow....

I know that it's an antique and mahogany is a pretty sought after wood but all my furniture is stained wood and I really want to paint it.

The linked photo below is from the June 11 issue of Southern Living and the small blue dresser in the corner is the look I am going for.

I really want the dresser to look as though it hasn't been handpainted by the homeowner.

Any advice? Could I take it to a cabinet maker or car painter? How much would that cost?

Could I achieve it myself with a paint sprayer and a conversion varnish? I have no experience with this product whatsoever but heard it was the best choice for a quality cabinet finish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue dresser

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How much it costs is a function of the work that needs to be done. Is the finish clean and sound? Will it just need a scuff sanding or total strip and refinish?

The best place to take it is a finishing / refinishing shop that is familiar with the products on there and what you want added. While a body shop ("car painter") knows how to spray, it might be outside their expertise of finishes. The most likely finish of a piece of production furniture is nitrocellulose or pre-catalyzed lacquer.

I don't think a "conversion varnish" would be the best thing to jump in and start on your own. Some can be quite noxious or toxic without the proper equipment and environment.

If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to practice on some scrap wood or cardboard to check your results before starting top and center on your new dresser. You could quickly double or triple the effort to undo what you did and recover from it.

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