Wood burns too fast

cinnamanNovember 28, 2005

I have a wood burning fireplace that seems to burn wood very fast. I will use about 10 decent size split logs in about 2 1/2 hours. I see other fireplaces where the flame is kind of dancing along the logs, my flame is more like a blow torch. I thought about closing the chimney-top damper a little, but I don't want smoke blowing back into the house.

Any ideas?

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I have this same question -- I had mine open as far as it could go and I got about 2 1/2 hours as well, although the flames were "dancing along the logs". I was wondering if closing it a notch or two would make for a longer burning fire.

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I wanted to ask the same question. I bought Jotul F400, and manufacturer in the specification pointed that burning time is up to 7 hours. Mine with a full load and with small opened air flow will burn faster to the cold status. What we are doing wrong? I am using seasoned wood only.

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The dryer wood is, the faster that it will burn plus cause less creosote build up in your chimney.
This is a good thing.
Closing your damper slightly (in a fireplace)is not a good thing.
A solution may be to find some less seasoned wood to burn with your seasoned wood.
This will slow the burn down.
Also, bigger chunks of any level of seasoned wood will burn longer, however, a couple of big chunks of very well seasoned wood can cause quite a blaze!
If you mix in acouple of greener pieces with a dryer piece, you may find that burning them in a more vertical position gives you better visual flames.

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This is what I found out:

flue (I guess that should be damper) should be open all the way when fire first started, then turn down one notch, if no smoke comes out, turn down one more notch. don't turn down further because smoke will come out
2. if the fireplace has air vents they should be open all the way while fire is burning; close flue (damper?) and vents after fire is out

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Oops -- well if WesterMainer is indeed from Maine, I'm sure he knows a thing or two about fireplaces! I got my instructions from a chimney sweep for what it's worth.

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Someone on Hearth.com had a similar problem with his wood stove. Wood burning very quickly, much quicker than advertised. It turned out that his ash pan was not properly secured and additional air was getting in from below his stove and feeding the fire. I know yours is a fireplace and not a woodstove, but maybe there's additional air getting in from somewhere? I little pea sized whole in your firebox would be all it takes. It's a long shot, but if your fireplace has not acted like this in season's past, maybe it's worth checking out.

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We have a always opened the flue when starting the fire and when it starts burning good, close the flue some not all the way. The vent lets air in. its opened from the outside on the chimney on ours, its a masonary fireplace. It has the ash pit in the front with a trap door. If the wind is blowing sometime smoke comes in, so I open the outside door near the fireplace to let outside air in and it starts to draw back up the chimney. To test the draw burn a piece of paper and hold in by the opening and see if the smoke goes up the chimney.

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