how do you use bona on wood floors?

tabbaldwinMarch 30, 2011

Silly question, I know.......but, I'm new to hardwood floors. Our newly built house has oak floors, site-finished with a poly satin finish. I just bought some Bona hardwood floor cleaner after reading up on the best (and people's favorite) products. For the last few months, I'd just been using a damp microfiber mop (or sponge for spot cleaning), but with 2 kittens, I feel maybe water isn't getting things as "clean" as they ought to be.

So, what do y'all do? Do you spray the whole floor (in sections, of course), or just spritz here and there because the product will spread around? Do you do the whole floor, or do you just do spot cleaning with it? I sweep daily as needed near the mudroom/kitchen; I dust mop every 2-3 days. No kids, just the kitties.

Does the over-spray hurt area rugs or furniture?


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I use it but only really need it for spots or stains. You can either mist a light area or just mist the mop. Using a chemical cleaner routinely isn't really needed except for extreme spills and spots. I have a cat but don't really think two little kittys will get your wood floor 'dirty'.

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I've just started using Bona on my bamboo floors, so please take my info as coming from a novice. Maybe others will correct my thoughts and procedures.

Since you have kitties, my observations may be helpful. I have a dog that sheds.
Step 1. I vacuum with the hand wand of the vacuum cleaner. Apparently, there's sufficient airborne dust and fur that the vacuum doesn't take care of, and settling occurs.
Step 2. Then I use the Bona microfiber with cleaner. The Bona does ok with cleaning dirt, but not with picking up the hair. It picks up some and pushes around the rest (there's not that much fur after vacuuming). So I periodically (same cleaning session) manually pick off the fur.

So what about scratches? Per the bamboo manufacturer, I used the Bona polish, applied it manually, and spread it around with a microfiber cloth. The floor must be SPOTLESS because the polish leaves a thin,somewhat hard finish. Looks great. Unless I've neglected to remove all the fur. The fur is now under the finish and tedious to rub out.

The problem is not with Bona cleaner but with my assumption that microfiber will pick up everything. It doesn't. And I don't use fabric softener to clean the microfiber pads.

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Thanks for the replies! Okay, so I just used it and liked it! I decided that I'd go ahead and do the whole floor this first time, and now I'll just spot treat the heavy traffic areas.

I'm off to research the polish now because I have a few scratches.....


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