Pellet Thermostat or Not????

jeechazNovember 25, 2005

I put my new pellet stove on a thermostat. I was told that a should just leave it on low and take it off the thermostat and let it burn non-stop to avoid shut down and restarts. Is this less wear and tear on the stove or more?? Is this just a waste of pellets? Which way is better???

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My opinion is - Turn it on and let it go. Shut it down for cleaning. A hot stove is doing it's job and a cold is not.

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It depends on the stove design. My stove (Quadrafire) is designed to run off a thermostat. We have it on a digital one with night temp setback and love it. On the thermostat the stove will run for a few hours in the morning until the house is up to temp. Then it cycles on every couple hours to keep it warm.

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Sorry, forgot to answer all the questions. Cycling via will definitely end up in less running hours for exhaust, blower and auger motors. That's less wear and less electricity consumed.

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I have a Quadrafire, and they only work with a thermostat - you can't use them without one. I absolutely love the thermostat feature! It came with a cheapie little Lux brand thermostat, but I replaced it with a digital programmable one from Lowes - cost about $20. I have it set back a little at night time and during the day when we're not there - so the stove doesn't burn quite as much.

It's awesome - the stove turns itself on & off as needed - all I do is clean out the burnpot once a day and clean the glass, and add pellets. Takes about 5 minutes a day or less.

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Is it difficult to install the thermostat? Is it a lot of opening up the wall to install wires?

Do you like your quadra? Is it a MtVernon or other model? My husband and I are looking at a Mt. Vernon but it has gotten a lot of bad reviews.

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