Painter's tape tips?

mandyjuneJuly 30, 2010

Hello everyone! So I have a dilemma...We are currently painting the interior of our house right now and one of the more costly things, surprisingly, is the tape that we need to use to cover the wall edges and moldings, etc..aka Painter's tape.

There's this blue Scotch tape that works REALLY well but can cost up to $6 a roll! I know that may not seem like a lot if you're only painting one or two rooms but we've gotta paint every single room in our house and one roll isn't even sufficient enough for one room.

Does anyone have any other brands they can recommend that might not cost as much or any other alternative in general for taping while painting? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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An experienced/professional painter has no problem cutting in 99% of a room without tape or other gadgets. All it takes is a steady hand and lots of practice.

If you don't want to use tape, and you aren't a very good painter, you can always use some sort of screen. They sell paint guards that you just put up against the edge, paint, and then move. Of course, that is a lot more time consuming than taping, so most people spring for the rolls of tape.

If you are doing a lot of rooms, you might want to buy it by the box. Actual paint stores sell in bulk for much less than $6/roll.

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hahah well if you saw how I paint, you'd really see how far away on the spectrum I am from being a professional painter. I'll definitely check out the screens that you were recommending.

Also, it's a great idea to buy the rolls in bulk. Didn't even think of that before so I'll check out some specialty paint stores. Trying to do home renovations on a budget ya know? Thanks for your response. I really appreciate it, Bill.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I haven't tried the new painters tape that is supposed to create a clean edge, but the one time I used 'regular' blue painter's tape, I was sadly disappointed.

I have found that using an artist brush is the best thing (for me anyway) when cutting in. They are quite cheap, even with shipping, from some sellers on Ebay. Be sure and check the shipping costs before bidding, or doing a 'Buy it Now' offer. You might also check into buying them at a craft or variety store.


Here is a link that might be useful: Artist brushes on Ebay

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It's easier to cut in if you will keep your brush sort of dry without a lot of drippy paint.

I've found that I have better results if I use like wider painters tape 2-3" instead of the 1" kind.

To get a straighter line between the ceiling and the walls, some people put the tape about 1/4" down on the wall instead of trying to get the tape exactly in that crack between the ceiling and the wall. If you are going to paint the ceiling, you do that before you paint the wall. You won't need tape for that part.

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If you are using tape, the "trick" to a clean line is to put a very light coat on for the first pass. That will seal the joint without much bleed through. On the second coat, you can put it on heavier.

Also, if you are completely redoing a room, you can pre-paint all the molding before you install it. That takes away 75% of the taping. All you have to do is fill nail holes and then touch up those spots. I find that especially helpful for crown.

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Great! Thanks for all the tips guys! So since we've resorted to no longer using tape, I just have to "paint carefully" now according to my boyfriend.

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When you manage not to "paint carefully", which will happen, just hand the paint brush to him with a smile and tell him it is his turn to "paint carefully"

Years from now you may be able to laugh about it.

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You might want to post this in the Paint forum

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