Arhaus Sofa- Brentwood Sectional

mrs.d2009May 29, 2009

I'm in Virginia, looking to purchase a sofa . I love the Arhaus - Brentwood sectional, but the price is almost 12,000.00. It goes on sale from time to time for 9000.00, but that is still out of my price range !!

I love the leather that is used on this couch- it looks almost like a leather bomber jacket. It looks like it would last through 4 kids and 2 dogs !!

Does anyone know who the manufacture of their furniture is or where I could find a similar couch !! Thanks !

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Hi Mrs D,
I have purchased furniture from Arhaus. I was able to have a very nice sales person who explained to me that Majority of their furniture is made in Thailand and or surrounding areas.I have found one "independent" furniture/furnishings store that carry's almost identical " furniture" as Arhaus and she said the exact same thing. I have gone to the Arhaus site to see the "leather sectional your Loving" and I can't say that I would pay 9k for it. That seems so Expensive. For 9k you could drive it. I do understand though your " Love" for it -due to it is very unique in leather. So it says on the Arhaus site about this particular piece " says its Analine-died Leather" I looked that up for you and it says -

Aniline leather is a type of leather in which high quality hides have been treated with aniline as a dye. This produces a delicate, soft, supple leather.

Typically, leather is coloured both for aesthetic reasons and to conceal blemishes. However, aniline leather is not coloured. Often the term naked leather is used. This allows the leather to breathe better, making the leather more comfortable in both hot and cold weather.

However, extra care is required when using furniture made from this leather. It is particularly susceptible to discolouration by sunlight and vulnerable to liquid spills.[1][2]
I do not want to detour you in any way. I have noticed though that " Ethan Allen" has come down in price and has many New styles that are not typical of what they have been known for. You may want to just compare and see. I know that Ethan Allen will Customize Furniture( for a price of course)This is not the same but it is a leather sectional that EA has right now - 3k cheaper than Arhaus.
If it is a Good Quality Leather it should survive not only Your children/Dogs - but with care should last forever. That is another consideration for you to think about. Is this a sectional that your willing to keep that long. It truly is an investment as you know by the $$. My cousin has all Ivory leather " Natuzzi" it is over 30 yrs old and in perfect condition. That maybe another site you would want to check out.

I can't say though in 2009 the quality would be the Same.
I don't want to burst your Bubble but I feel that this Leather Sectional you have found on Arhaus is an Emotional Buy and you may find it " if you do buy it" not worth what you paid for it in the end. It may become " What I was thinking" 9k on sale wooo is a LOT of Money.
What I purchased from Arhaus was the Casama Chairs and a Iron Queen Bed Frame - and some glass accessories. I have seen just so you know duplicates of floor lamps for example that Arhaus sells for 300+ in other stores for under 140.00. Its all about shopping around. I hope my post helps :)

** You have Good Taste Mrs D - But I think that the Price is OUCH.


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I am also a big Arhaus fan, having a couch chair and some tables from them, however, they are very overpriced and it is difficult to discern what is quality and not as I have found some of their furnishings are of higher quality than other pieces. That said, I just purchased a Hancock & Moore leather recliner that is beautiful and although pricey, nowhere near the recliners I was looking at Arhaus and the quality is superior. Just a thought. Also, pure analine is very fragile for children and pets. Semi analine or protected would work much better. There is much info on this topic on which I discovered here on these boards and which led me in the direction of H&M. Also, fyi I went to an Arhaus warehouse and they had many leather pieces (a great number recliners)there which I would assume were returns or some other flaws and to purchase from the warehouse there are no warranties.....yeeks! I still love Arhaus and its styles but they need to readjust their pricing to stay in business.

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Thanks so much for the posts (carmin casa and dtr56) . I really appreciate your advice !! As it turns out, I bought a BEAUTIFUL leather couch from restoration hardware furniture outlet in leesburg, Va. The price was much better than Arhaus (by about 7000.00 !!) So I'm very happy, and you are right carmin casa, it would have been an emotional buy !! Thanks again !!

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Most of Arhaus furniture is not made in Thailand. Your salesperson was totally wrong. 99% of the upholstered furniture at Arhaus is made in NC. The Casama chairs mentioned above and a couple of "one of a kind" seating styles are the only exceptions. Aniline dyed leather is the top highest quality of all leathers. It represents about 2% of all the hides used for upholstery. It wears like iron and I have never heard it described as fragile. I guess it's like comparing a wood floor versus a laminate floor.
mrs.d2009, I really hope you love your sofa, and the price is amazing! I just had to set the story straight about Arhaus.

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