Installing flue pipe for new woodstove (DIY yes or no?)

fivelinksNovember 13, 2007

We are putting a new Vermont Castings Encore non-cat stove in our home. The chimney is in place and all we need to do is get the pipe and install. I think it should be pretty straight forward but don't want to mess it up, and can't have any smoke coming back in the house problems. Any recommendations? Also do I need to use some sort of pipe sealer or is screwing them together enough?

Thanks in advance!

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I hate to answer a question with a question, but, is the stove already in place? If its been set properly and is lined up with the chimney, then installing the stove pipe is pretty straightforward.

If not, you may want to have an installer do the job. Setting the stove is the hard part of the job. Hooking up the stove pipe is the easy part.

Just for info, I had my stove taken out of the house last summer for a flooring job, stored in the garage, then reinstalled after flooring job done - total cost by the stove store $90.74.

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