Tile and a damaged subfloor

sparklepMarch 7, 2013

I'm in the middle of a kitchen reno, and I have a very damaged subfloor with cracks and in one place crumbled concreted. I'm in a second story condo.

My contractor has no experience with this, and is recommending a floating floor instead of tile. I brought in a tile installer to take a look. He says it can be done. He'd put down and underlayment and the tile will be secure.

Are there other questions I should ask the tile installer? Am I foolish for pursuing tile?

Thanks so much!

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Even if your crumbled concrete is what is called gypcrete or another lightweight substrate, successful installations can be done by a competent tile installer.

Perhaps this is a candidate for Schluter Ditra tile isolation membrane underlayment. Does your tile contractor know what Ditra is? Google it for information.

I am not a big fan of floating floors for lots of reasons, although some people love them.

Properly prepared with the right floor patch/underlayments can allow you to install almost any flooring product on your substrate...you just have to know what you're doing.

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I agree. Schluter's "Ditra" will uncouple the floor from the tile.

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