Lopi Patriot wood stove

stilljohnNovember 21, 2010

I need a contact for Lopi stoves. My Patriot does not seem to get enough air for combustion, and there is NO air wash across glass. I always start a fast and HOT fire(at least I try to) on start. With air intake fully open, (after fire is settled into burn), all I can maintain is a modest fire. certainly not a "toaster" fire. ( I have been using wood for heat for 35 years and have had numerous styles and brands including some "airtights") My experience with wood stoves was trying to control air intake as most were not airtight.

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How tight is your house? Can you hook up an outside air intake on the stove?

When we built our house we encountered the same problem. We were told the house is too tight and we needed to crack a window. No problems since.

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Purchased 13 years ago. Removed inside flue and discovered much ash clogging the flue - vacuumed it out.
Be aware that the tribestes chimney will cost you more that the stove. Daily clean the window with razor blade.

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