Best Value for Leather Sofa?

alipariMay 19, 2006

I am in the market for two leather sofas. I am having a hard time finding good information about leather manufacturers. I want a well constructed sofa with good quality leather that will hold up to my 85 lb dog. My budget is 2500-3000 for both sofas. Can anyone tell me of some good manufacturers and / or websites to research this? Also, if you could share your experience with leather sofas that would be helpful as well.


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I went with Legacy-Leather. We got what I believe is the full aniline leather which is the lowest grade leather (not soft). I have a 65 lb lab and a little ankle bitter with sharp nails. Both have rubbed their nails across my sofa and have not left permanent scratches or poked holes. One scratch the big one left when she jumped down I rubbed with my fingers and the oils from my hands blended it back in. I looked a more high end leather but the more expensive, the more delicate it gets.

You can get the 8 way hand tied sofas from Legacy at a bargain price compared to others. I believe it's because they use more pieces of leather instead of whole hides. I love my loveseat I have from them (I've had for over a year) and I'm now buying a sofa in a different style but the same exact leather.

I dealt with Zoe at Maplesleather that was mentioned on the Leather Chair thread. I bought my loveseat locally and paid more for it than she is selling me a sleeper couch for. Kinda makes me sick that I overpaid for my loveseat.


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dktrahan-- I have been talking to Zoe at Maples over the past 5 months-- haven't ordered yet, as we just got in our new house. How did you find the delivery times? I have been impressed with her quick response via phone or email, and in sending swatches.

I was considering H & M, but I can get two sofas for the price of one H&M if I go with Legacy. My only problem is that I like H&M's leather choices more. Can't seem to find the color/softness/durability combo I like with Legacy.

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I am with you on the H&M leather Smat40. I brought the H&M Folio sofa in Essence Oxblood leather for $1671 from Lexington Furniture Company. 859 -254-5362

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How did you get such a low price for H&M? Would a folio
loveseat be similiarly priced? What was the delivery charge and how were you happy with the delivery?

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I keep asking myself that too...the furniture is still on order...expecting it in October. The quote was so far below the others--even Boyles, I am wondering if there was an error!?

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Wow, that really is a good price-- that's cheaper than the NC Legacy prices. The best I got out of Lex Furniture was around $3400 in Class III-Equestrian! If I got a price like that it would be a no-brainer.

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