What type of fuel should I use for this fireplace?

PlanterJNovember 29, 2012

Hello all, I have moved into a flat which has a fireplace that I am keen to use but has been out of action for years.

I am going to hire a professional to come and clean the chimney and would really appreciate some advice on what fuel I should use for a fireplace like this.

I know absolutely nothing fireplaces so any advice would be very welcome. Please see attached photo which shows there is some kind of gas lighting rod in place? Thanks in advance from a chilly Londoner!

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The style of the fireplace indicates that it was originally designed for coal, probably the type known as "nut" coal at least in the US. I've never seen a gas lighter such as this one before, but makes sense for igniting coal.

Since you're already going to have the chimney inspected and cleaned, I'd rely on this expert's advice. He/she should also be able to alert you to any restrictions, fire codes, etc.

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That's a coal fireplace for small lump or large stoker size (about the size of an egg). However, because you're in London, you are likely in a smoke control area and thus cannot use anything but smoke-free "approved" fuel. The originally intended bituminous coal is not allowed. Any local supplier will know what coals and fuels are acceptable in London's smoke control area. A supplier such as this one: http://www.londoncoal.co.uk/

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