Measuring for carpet

marys235March 29, 2013

I am replacing the carpet in 3 bedrooms, and measured the space at about 672 square feet. The carpet company I'm working with came out and measured, and they came up with 828 square feet, 156 more than I measured. It's just 3 basically square rooms and one closet, so not that difficult. I expected their measurements to be a little more, but goodness, that's a whole 'nother room! I measured carefully, with 2 people. I knew they would add some for waste, but this seems like too much.

Is that much difference to be expected? I'm thinking of going to a different store.

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carpet comes 12' wide. If your room are more than 12 x 12 you have to add yardage. Even though its sold by the sf you still need to deal with the 12' issue.

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So if I got carpet sold in 15' rolls, it might be cheaper? I looked at a different style that came in 12' or 15' rolls.

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if there isn't much waste then it could be cheaper. Ask the dealer to show you the layout and the cuts and see how much waste is factored in.

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Cuts can add in 30% more square footage. More if there is a nap or pattern match. Just like with sewing or wallpaper. You can always get the yardage down with more cuts and more seams, but there comes a point where that's just ridiculous to do. Like when you've got 5 seams in the third bedroom just so you can save 20 square feet.

Don't forget that one of the more costly portions of the installation has nothing to do with the installation itself. Moving furniture and taking up quarter round (and installing new) can easily be most of the labor on the job. If there's any way that you can do that yourself, you can save on that portion of the job. Installers LOVE new construction for that reason. They can just arrive and lay the carpet and not have to worry about any of that.

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