Hearthstone Heritage vs Woodstock Fireview woodstoves

chorctynyNovember 18, 2010

Hi my name is Chris and I am in the mid huson valley area of NY. We live on 5 acres and am looking at turning to wood to become my primary heat in the winter. I am pretty sold on a soapstone stove but settling between the hearthstone heritage or woodstock fireview woodstove for my home. It seems as if woodstock has the advantage with the research I have done so far. Any suggestions or info from people who own either one. Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Either is a quality stove, but you can find many reviews by owners for both of them at www.hearth.com.

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Well.....having worked at Woodstock Soapstone for 5 years plus many other in the industry, I can say that 1) there are no carefully built stoves anywhere. I have a Fireview myself and have used it and several others in various environments. There is a learning curve, but I feel they are great. I have never had nor used a Hearthstone but feel that they are not of the same quality.

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