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ginnynashvilleMarch 17, 2011

Hello all. This is my first time using this forum. Show me the love! =) No, I have been a sneak stalker here for many years, but have finally decided to get in on the action. We are hardwood floor people. If you told me I was going to install laminate into a room of my home 2 months ago, I would have laughed. Yes, I am sort of a snob. =)

New room - attached to new separate from home garage. Slab poured last winter, initially attempted concrete acid staining (didn't clean it sufficiently first), but they did a horrible job so now we are covering it. Use for room - sitting/resting sun room with exercise equipment (including heavy treadmill and weight machine). Not below grade, but it will be directly on concrete slab. In an area where soil remains fairly saturated, but big hill behind this building with water running downwards, therefore good drainage.

Looking for feedback on selection thus far and information on other brands that I am having a difficult time researching.

I ONLY like the individual plank beveled edges and ends types of laminate. We have like the colors of: Armstrong Hartford Maple Natrual (AC 3), Armstrong Desert Tan (AC 5), Bruce Maple Select (AC 3), Bruce Noguera Walnut (AC 3). I know that Armstrong is a a big American name company. It is easy to research them due to a great website. I have looked into highly rated Quick-Step, but do not like any of the designs =( I want to like them and have tried to like them, but alas, I do not. Same goes for Columbia and Mannington. Some of the actual colors were fine, but the didn't meet the individually beveled/micro cut borders of individual planks.

So, I found the display called "CAROLINA LIFESTYLES", and I really like the styling of them and the built in padding for sound barrier. However, I can not find anything about them as far as how well they perform, etc. I know that they are made by a European company called Lamett. The display is pretty, but that is all I know. The Lamett website does not show this particular style. Does anyone know the AC ratings of the Carolina Lifestyles? It is soooo pretty, but can't commit to something without being able to research it to death!

Also, does anyone have pictures of their installation of previously mentioned selections?

Thanks! Sorry to ramble!

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We just put a ton of laminate (Golden Aspen) in our basement. Bought it from Costco (some say it is made by Quick Step). Right now there is a rebate of $8 a box.

So far I love it. We have an insulated sub-floor though, not directly on concrete.

My friend has some on concrete and I can't stand the clicky click noise it makes when you walk on it.

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Thanks, Stir Fryi, for the feedback. Hadn't even though about looking into Costco. Duh! I'll do that. We have space so maybe we should put a sub-floor in as well. My husband said that sub-floor is basically just plywood. But, you stated that you have it insulated. What does that actually mean as far as a layering proccess? By the time you have a subfloor down, couldn't you just as easily put hardwood down (obviously, not for the same price)?

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1st off the concrete will not make much of a difference in sound deadening. The underlay will. If the pad is attached and excellence is desired, then I would not want one with the pad attached. I feel the separately purchased cushion are superior but they will cost you more as a total package.
As far as lamett, I am not an advocate of it. The high gloss has had some serious issues and they were extremely poor at handling the claim. i had to threaten a lawsuit against them as a retailer as they were so unjust to a customer in my opinion. After the threat, they agreed to correct it. This laminate abrased tremendously in just 1 week in 2 different homes that was installed. One was the customer and they tried to blame the abrasions on improper installation and I (The retail store) told them they were out of their mind and I would replace and sue them for the money. They caved immediately. These are the facts and PS is why you should not by from an online retailer in my opinion. With issues you will never get anyone to battle for you and the retailer has much more clout than any customer has with the manufacturer. Good Luck. All above is just my opinion.

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