VC Defiant Encore Backplate wont come out

treefrog99November 4, 2007


Last year I bought a new Catalytic convertor for my 10 year old Vermont Casting Defiant Encore, and I must have run the stove too hot. When I tried to take off the firebox 'backplate' 11"x22" iron plate, it wont come out. The problem appears that due to overheating the cast iron has expanded to the point where it wont slip between the sides (hope that makes sense). Any suggestions? I have used pry bars and have gotten it part of the way out but it is real tight and I am afraid I will break something

Its rather important that I be able to remove the backplat and clean the flyash away from the Cat and flue tunnels.



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I just took mine apart, you will need to take both the lower and upper fire back plates off as well as the inside cover for the damper (on the left hand side of the stove when facing it), unhook the damper and both back plates come out. Be carful with cast iron, it will crack if hit or dropped too hard. Good luck

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