Lopi Pellet Stoves

abruceNovember 19, 2007

I am considering the purchase of a Pellet Stove. My local dealer (Waynesville NC) recommends a Lopi. Are there any websites out there that compare the various stoves - and do any of you have experience with this manufacturer?


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It depends on whether you are going for a free standing or an insert. The Lopi is a good stove, but I would prefer the Quadra-fire. It also depends on how much square footage you wish to heat. We just installed an Austroflamm that replaces our Lopi Foxfire that was 10 years old. The Foxfire was working fine, but we needed more heat and I was really tired of cleaning the darn thing. The Austroflamm is awesome and is self cleaning. However it is a little pricy. We did look at the Lopi Yankee Bay but was a little to small for our needs.

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Travis the parent company of Lopi is a solid leader. I have an Avalon, a sister stove. I would highly recommend them, you will fond little negative about the stoves on the net, sorry.

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Travis industries made a great stove in the Foxfire, but technology had passed it up. Now they are only making two pellet inserts and the quality is not what the foxfire was. As one example, We had problems with the pellet pots burning though. We were on our fourth one when we replaced the stove. That got a little expensive. Travis is still using the same metal pots in their inserts. Austroflamm and Quadra-fire use very heavy cast iron pots. After looking at a large variety of inserts we decided on the Austroflamm. Our second choice was the Quadra-fire. If you have a dealer for either of these units in your vicinity check them out.

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