Any Recommendations on Direct Vent (straight up venting) LP gas

jean61November 1, 2011

Calling all Gas Fireplace People. Which brand/model direct vent liquid propane gas fireplace would you recommend? Family room 20x18...opens directing into Kitchen that's 15x17. Really want to heat family room only but if it heats the kitchen that's a plus.

thanks jean

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Listening in here. Also desire the answer to this question.

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We have natural gas here, and installed a Valor direct vent fireplace, several years ago.It has been trouble free since installation.

It has saved us a tremendous amount of money (Utility bill-wise) for both electricity as well as gas.

It heats the whole downstairs of our 2700 sq ft house, so we rarely use the forced air heating system with its big burners and fan. (We use it once in a great while) to heat the upstairs master bathroom, but eventually I hope to install another direct vent fireplace in the master bedroom.

The gas fireplace is controlled by a hand-held remote control with a built in temp sensor, You can put the remote control next to your easy chair, (or wherever You Like), it will turn the fireplace up/down as needed to keep the temperature set to whatever is set on that remote control.

Valor is one of the few direct vent fireplaces that is able to turn the fireplace from full on to nearly full off from the remote, most fireplaces will only go down about 20% or so. You can turn the fireplace off from the remote too.

Good luck on the hunt!!! I'm sure Valor makes fireplaces for LP too.

Here's a picture of the fireplace.


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