HELP! King Bed Headboard (do I need the footboard)?

dorry2May 12, 2010

I purchased a King mattress and love it; however, the nightstands are too low (which is no surprise) and I need a king headboard. I don't know if I want a foot-board. Our previous bed only had a headboard due to size constraints in our very old home home many years ago.

I really would like a poster bed, maybe rice carved, pencil post...maybe a low post, and am wondering would it work if I just bought the headboard? I know Henkel Harris and others will sell only a headboard, but my concern is will it look unfinished or unbalanced? Anyone have a poster headboard that you can post? Our queen had a broken pediment headboard only and was acceptable (to me)! The posters have me doubting myself and thinking it will only look good (and finished) with the footboard. Appreciate all comments! Thanks.

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I forgot to add ONE HUGE DETAIL!!! The mattress height from the top of the mattress to the floor is 29" with a steel frame that is 8" from the floor. Boxspring is 9", mattress is 12." So the bottom of the bottom of the mattress sits 8" from the floor. Most complete beds with a head and footboard are 10+" from the bottom of the boxspring. I would be adding at least two additionalinches to the bed height! That is my DILEMMA! This is what happens when I peruse the forum prior to having my morning coffee!!!

Sorry I inadvertently left out this big detail. That is the reason I do not think I can use a foot-board. I don't want a step stool (or ladder -haha) to get into the bed! I know the style of bed I want, but the challenges lies in trying to find that bed with a frame that is less than 10" from the floor.

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Couldn't you just use a regular metal bedframe and bolt it onto a wooden headboard, even if you had to drill new holes to do it? I'm not sure how you would even use the side rails of a full headboard/footboard set up without doing this anyway.

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We switched to a king sized mattress several years ago and love it; unfortunately, it meant giving up our gorgeous poster queen bed. I found a headboard at a yard sale for $45 dollars, and my DH added 3" blocks to the feet to raise the height. It has a curve that mimics the curve of the highboy and my dresser mirror, so even though it is painted white, it works with our cherry furniture. I even think it makes the room more interesting. Without a foot board, the room feels bigger.

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