Mohawk Smartstrand Frieze

momtotwinsMarch 25, 2012

I am looking for a frieze that is high quality but not too shaggy. Any suggestions? Does anyone have Southernmost Point in their homes?


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We to are looking at the Smartstrand Frieze. We live in California and have been looking at the LA Carpet store. We have a sample of Smartstrand Kinetic Contrast (I think this is the style name they give the Frieze) the color number is 168 Natural Grain. I am confused, is Southernmost Point the color name or manufacturer? From what I am reading on the internet Home Depot, Lowes, carpet stores all carry Smartstrand and they all assign their own names so I think you are going to have to be alot more specific. I will be interested in responses that you might get. Good Luck!

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Southernmost point is a style found on the Mohawk website. It is not a Lowes or Home Depot brand.

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Like the mattress manufacturers, the carpet manufacturers give their carpets different names in every showroom so you can't price match. Southernmost Point may be the name on the Mohawk site and in a number of stores across the nation, but it might be known as something completely different in the store down the street and something different again at the Lowe's or HD. They are all the same carpet from the same manufacturer with the same exact warranty, just a different style name. The best thing to do is to get the specs on the carpet--what kind of pile is it and what is the weight. Once you are armed with that information, you can price shop for yourself, but you may not be able to get anyone to price match. Lowe's & HD have been given super low pricing by Mohawk that the regular dealers have not been able to get, so Lowe's & HD are able to give pretty much the lowest price out there for the same product.

Hope this helps!

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