Flaws in finish of hardwood floors

missobliviousMarch 18, 2013

I just had my hardwood floors refinished. The color and sheen are perfect, however I've noticed a few hairs and a couple pieces of debris embedded in the top coat. Is this to be expected, or should I ask my contractor to fix these areas? I do not want to make a few imperfections become more noticeable by any attempt to repair or remove the debris. Thanks!

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Sometimes it is very easy to pick out the stray hair and debris bits without affecting the overall appearance.

Careful excision with a scalpel or a single edge razor blade is all that's needed.

The typical home job site is not a clean room and tiny bits of flotsam and jettison will appear in most any refinish.

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No finish will ever be perfect so you need to consider how much debris there is and where it is to determine whether it's acceptable to you. My philosophy is to strive for 100% perfection and accept 95% because human's aren't capable of perfection.
I can't tell how many times someone's asked for a recoat for a relatively minor flaw only to have something worse on a subsequent coat.
Consider all the things that can go wrong. Uneven shine. Streaks. Fisheye. Alligatoring. Bugs. Lizards. Holidays. Dust. Hairs. Puddles. Footprints, either from the floor finisher or from someone else walking in the wet finish.
If the finish is still fresh you can carefully scrape off hairs or debris and use a fingernail to smooth out the finish.

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Honestly i would give it a good month. Most of the time these little pieces of debris will work themselves out from just normal traffic.

If its really dirty in a few spots your floor guy can do a spot fix and not have to re coat everything

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