cost to build fireplace and chimney

capejohnNovember 30, 2007

We are preparing to build a new house and I'm in the process of figuring the cost. The house includes a single chimney, two flues (one for a fireplace and one for utilities). The fireplace/firebox will be brick (not huge, about 4 feet wide) and the sections of the chimney not exposed will be cinderblock or other block. Where the chimney exits at the roof line will be brick. The chimney will run from the basement and through 2 floors above. I'm trying to get a rough ballpark cost of what this might cost.... any thoughts would be appreciated. We're located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Thanks very much.

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I have a very similar situation as you are proposing. The portion of chimney in the garage is cinderblock. The outside is brick. When my house was built in 1995, I paid $8,000. Adjust this for inflation.

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I live in the Ohio Valley which is probably less expensive than your area. I know you are trying to get an estimate...but a firplace is nothing to go cheap on. I would go to the nearest masonry supply store and ask them for recommendations for a "good mason." You could end up spending thousands of dollars on your dream fireplace / chimney and if it isn't built won't be a ble to get a chemical log to burn in it.

I built a house 3+ years ago with solid masonry fireplace / chimney. My mason came highly recommended and actually did an awesome job; all the way up until he quit showing up! He basically completed everything except my stone face on exterior of chimney. I finally said, "what the hell...I can do this." So I did...and it looks great!

My fireplace is roughly 9' wide and my chimney is 22' high. My mason was going to charge me $5,000 labor and I was to supply all materials. I pulled all the stone out of my own creek.

I ended up paying him roughly $2,500 and another $4,000 for cmu, sand, flues, cement etc, etc. So if he would have completed it...I would have had $9,000 +/- in it.

Good luck...

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