Stair treads/risers

bagdaddyMarch 23, 2012

I've removed the carpeting and am putting down new 1" solid maple treads and am covering existing pine risers with new 1/4 inch pine that will be painted white. Treads will be stained. Nothing is completely true or 100% level and I'm trying to figure if the tread should go down first with potential gaps being left under bottom of riser edge. Or, should the risers go on first, then treads, leaving potential gaps at head of tread. I think I'll be caulking afterward with clear silicone(?).

Thanks, Mike

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Do not caulk with silicone! It will not hold paint if repainted later.
Put tread down then riser, If the risers are 1/4" it would be easier to sand to fit.

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1. Take off existing treads.
2. put all of the risers on first. Why 1/4 inch?
3. put bottom tread on after scribing to fit (use liquid nails under before fastening tread)
4. nail/screw through risers into back edge of new tread.
5. continue to top one at a time.
6. no silicone. as said above paint won't stick. Ever.

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Jon dear, It looks like they want to leave the risers that are there and laminate 1/4" on to them. That is why I suggested risers last, being that they are only 1/4" they would be easier to scribe to fit.
If all new risers and treads then yes, treads first.

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You could put cove molding underneath the treads to cover any gaps between the risers and treads.

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