Fixing a particle board dresser

michelle_s_phxazMay 5, 2013

We have two well used dressers we use as nightstands that the rails that the drawers slide onto the inside wall of the dresser have been used so much that the screws that hold them in have rubbed the particle board away. There is a crater which used to be a screw hole, and the drawers come to a certain point and then angle down. The back and middle screw holes are fine for now, just the front ones broke the wood.

Is there wood putty or a filler I can use to fill these holes then replace the screws and it will hold tightly again? The dressers are in perfect shape otherwise, and I would rather fix them than replace them.

I know this came from putting too much heavy stuff in them, I won't use it for so much once they are fixed!

Let me know if you want pictures, it is in the wee hours and I don't want to wake my sleeping husband to take the pictures.

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Several options:

- Look for additional places to attach the screws. Often those metal glides have lots of holes to use for this. If they're wood and not metal, you could glue them to the particle board with carpenter's glue.

- Epoxy putty. QuikWood is one brand in a format that's often called "tootsie rolls" There are two concentric rings.
First, I'd dribble a bit of thin viscosity Super Glue into the crater to strengthen the particle board that's still there. You slice off a bit of the epoxy putty, knead it to an even color, and press into the hole(s). Take a putty knife or old credit card, put on some soapy water and smooth out the putty. After a few minutes, it will start to set up and you can insert your screw in the still-plastic putty. Or you can let it fully harden and drill a pilot hole.

- Both the above.

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Bob's nephew, I think you may have the solution! Thank you so much, I will work on it this week. The screws are metal so it has a shot!


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