? on the options / cost to change color of engineered floor

solieMarch 3, 2011

I am considering purchasing an almost new house. I've never purchased a new home before. I've built one and I've renovated older homes. I'll probably sell in 5 years.

I like almost everything and even the choices I wouldn't have made myself are well thought out and I can certainly live with them. Except for the floor. It's perfectly nice, but I don't like it personally. I think it's an engineered or prefinished floor (not sure what the diff is, I've always had site finished) and it's lighter than I would like and orange-y.

I've read that these floors can be refinished once or twice, but that seems iffy and the cost of that is not tiny. Alternatively for a much greater cost, but more sure outcome I could just take out the current floors and re-install site finished floors. I am assuming the kitchen cabs are installed on top of the floors and there is a backsplash and granite counters. Am I correct in assuming that this would dramatically increase the cost to replace the floors? Is it worth trying to refinish?

I found a site last night that described a chemical method for removing hte sealer and it said you could darken the floors by doing this and then applying a much darker stain. I'm ok with anything from a medium to an almost black floor (could I paint it)? What I might not be able to live with is the orange.

I dislike the floors enough to forgo the house. I also think others would feel similarly and if I sell in five year I would recup at least some part of my investment. Additionally, working arounf thte color might require buying more new furniture. I could end up spending quite a bit to work around a flooring choice I don't like. The home has very nice, tasteful, high-end finishes.

Any opinions / advice / suggestions appreciated.

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Your cabinets can be left in place and a toe kick saw used to cut the flooring off close to the cabinets. Quarter round for the base of the cabinets would then be needed but your leaving all else alone.
Your best bet is to have a professional check to see if it could be sanded then you would have a clear idea on the options. I'd would need a lot of assurance on the chemical striping because of the potential auxiliary damage.

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