Tung oil for hardwood floors?

dreamgardenMarch 12, 2012

We just had our floors done and the smell is overpowering. All the windows are open but DH has chemical sensitivities so we will be staying elsewhere until the smell dies down.

We will use fans to push/pull air out and then have our ducts cleaned in a few weeks.

We had discussed other options besides polyurethane and found out AFTER we used the poly that folks with chemical sensitivities use Tung oil on their floors, deck and wood furniture because it is non-toxic.

They say hindsight is 20/20, but if we had it to do over again, we would have used this instead of poly. Oh well, live and learn!

"TUNG OIL HISTORY: Pure Tung Oil comes from cold pressing of the seeds or nuts of the Tung tree. Pure Tung Oil was and is one of the first truly "Green" finishes. It is all natural and contains ZERO VOC's. Pure Tung oil (China wood oil) is an all-natural finishing product that provides a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant coating or wood finish."

A link that might be useful:


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However, most Tung oil products are thinned with some truly nasty (for a short time) solvents to make them manageable.

It's not an easy product to handle in the pure state.

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My DS has chemical sensitivities and we used an ozone machine to get rid of the off gassing smells in a rental we moved into. It was pretty easy and inexpensive.

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