repairing inner hearth (floor) of brick firebox

sraheNovember 18, 2006


the inner hearth (the "floor" area directly under where the logs sit) of my 1920s brick fireplace firebox had a layer of cement or mortar over the firebricks. There are some area where some mortar is missing and I can see the bricks underneath.

I'd like to repair this before making a fire - but I'd also like to do it right to reduce the chance that it will fail again. I understand that I should use fireclay mortar or refractory mortar...can I just spots patch the missing areas and feather it into the existing other mortar? Or should I lay down a new layer of mortar across the entire inner hearth?

Some spots are 1/2" to 3/4" thick can it be laid on or should I build up several thin layers?

Any other sugguestions?

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You should be able to spot patch without major difficulties. Just be sure to remove any loose or powdery mortar from the original layer. It's also important to moisten the old mortar and the underlying brick in the areas you're patching in order to achieve a strong bond between old and new.

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This is exactly what I'm working on (except no brick underneath), but I'm also dealing with areas I'd like to just skim in the inner hearth. So I'm wondering about a product that can fill 1" deep holes and also just skim and that will bond well. I will have some areas as thin as 1/8 or less.

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Rutland fireplace mortar will do the trick. Less than $10 for a caulking gun tube. Clean area well and wet with water first.

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