Bake in a canning jar ??

forboystooFebruary 2, 2013

I've googled around and found the site attached~
Just wondering if anyone here has done this
or has some ideas for me.

I would like to do a cheesecake .
Dumb idea ?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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They are cute as all-getout but Ball doesn't recommend this. Those jars aren't designed for dry heat. In lieu of that I'd purchase some Pyrex or similar ramekins.

I know the poster says she's never had one break, but it only takes once and could be a nasty experience.


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Ive done it ,kinda neatjust get out a cake icing it slice.Its been years but yes Ive done it with no problem.Its not like its in oven long,
I used pint jars.

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I agree withCarol, it's a bad idea and not recommended by the manufacturer or the jars.

So many people here have said that their Pyrex or Corningware or Visions cookware just "exploded", and some have caused injury. Elery had a Visions saucepan shatter on the stove and send shards throughout his kitchen. Minor injuries but a huge mess.

I would not want to try something that even the manufacturer says is unsafe, given the fact that glassware meant for that purpose has broken.


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It's really not worth taking that kind of chance with your family's safety (a tiny shard no one sees, getting into the food could be life-threatening), nor with wasting your good ingredients and canning jars.

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Yet one more person suggesting you avoid baking in canning jars. I teach food safety classes and this one seems to be one people just seem to love to take chances with....

There's a reason the manufacturer of the jars don't advise it. People do all kinds of unsafe things in the kitchen, and for the most part get away with it. So just accept the consequences of your actions when it doesn't go right, and please keep children and pets away from the scene of the potential accident. And an even worse idea is canned bake cake and quick breads in the oven. -Grainlady

Here is a link that might be useful: Canned Breads and Cakes - Food Safety

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I'm "canning" that idea...
Glad I checked-in before I exploded something.
I'm just a sucker for trying anything I find on the web.
Better stick to finishing the other 100 projects I started.
Thanks guys !

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Hmmm... ya know... I agree it's pretty risky buisness baking in the jars. However, if you are making cheesecakes, since it's quite common to bake them in a water bath, I think if you put the jars in a roasting pan with water about half way up the jars or so, it would be fine. Would cook the cheesecake more gently and also protect the jars. Just thinking.......

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