Ventless fireplace - multiple issues

jatkinsonNovember 2, 2010

I have a ventless fireplace in my condo that has never worked quite right from the day we moved in. There are many issues, and after paying a technician to come out two different times, I am sick of dumping money into it. I want to get figured out what is going on, so maybe if a tech needs to come out again, I can give some "direction".

First, it makes a horrible smell. I have tried to open the doors and windows, but it really doesn't go away. Second, I have a combo carbon monoxide/smoke detector that always goes off when I turn on the fireplace. Only the smoke side goes off though. Third, after running for about 10 minutes it shuts itself off, including the pilot light. Finally, the pilot light is about 4 inches high. Maybe that is normal because it is mostly blue with only a spot of yellow at the top, I have just never seen one that high.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Consumer Reports has a couple of pages of information about ventless units. They are bad and dangerous, and many building codes outlaw them. They pollute the indoor air. They consume oxygen. They are a safety hazard. I suspect your experience is not unusual with these units.

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I am no techno or expert, but what you described is exactly what our fireplace retailer just described would happen to my ventless fireplace logs because they are 7 years old. He said no brand is designed to last that long and you can tell if they are old and need replaced if they start to have a bad smell and they don't stay lit. Mine is not having that issue at all so I just posted asking about the lifespan of ventless. We'll see what the experts say on the longevity of ventless units. We have loved our over the past 7 years, stays lit, heats the whole house, and never a smell. We keep the carbon monixide unit about 3 feet from the fireplace and it has never alarmed. Do you know what age your logs are?

Best wishes,

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