Smell from gas fireplace

sewingbelleNovember 18, 2005

We moved in our new home with a Direct Vent fireplace last Jan, the smell it gave off was awful. After reading the instructions it said to you need to burn it for 12 hrs or so with windows open, to burn off manufacturing smells. So we never did use it last winter. The fireplace people were sent here by the builder this summer because of a leak, which was actually a roof problem, but I talked to the guy about the smell, he said some of them take as much as 30 hours to burn off the odor.

Well, we have burned ours more than that, the smell is nearly gone, but still not completely gone. Has anyone else had this type of problem. I am wondering if the smell will ever go away completely.. Hard to describe, sort of like melting wax.

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30 hours seems like an awfully long time to burn off the paint/manufacturing oil odor.
Are you sure it is venting properly?
I would bug the maker about it & see what they can tell you.
Dust that settles in a fireplace over the off season can smell when you first fire it up, but that goes away quickly.
To hasten the process can you turn it up full blast to really heat it up & drive off the odors?

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It is venting okay. There isn't any adjustments to turn it up, it is just on or off. It does not create a large fire, but it does give off an amazing amount of heat for the size of it. It is a Majestic by Vermont Castings, Builder model if that makes any difference.The smell is very much improved, but still noticeable after it's been on for a while.

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I own a Majestic fp as well. Also, I have a blower as well. Last winter was the first time I used mine. I can't recall having the smell problem for long. I've enjoyed it all winter. There is an adjustment for flame height underneath the firebox, but you're right this model doesn't produce a large flame.


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Often (if you have a wood mantel) it's the material and paint the mantel is made of that produces the smell once it heats up. Might be a long shot but try adding a fan kit. You may be able to push some of the heat out and away from the mantel thus reducing the heat and smell.

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Macey, thanks for the suggestion, I did note that the mantel seemed to be really warm, maybe that is a possibility.

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I own (2) Majestic Vermont Castings inserts; the smaller of the two, 33BDVR in the master fireplace still puts off a heinous odor, it was installed in 2001. I've removed the glass front, stripped it of all the removable products and then fired it up to see what is making the smell, to no avail. The bigger unit in the family rm, never had much of an odor to start with, and after a few hours never smelled again. The local vendor stopped carrying them; they never told me why. Other than the smell it looks and works great. If it takes 30-hours or more; I'd have to vacate the house for a week.

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OMG... I have the same problem thats why I googled it to see if it was just me. We just bought our new home and tried to use the fireplace for the first time but that smell just smell like it will silently kill someone.. I havnt used it seens. I'm thinking about washing and scrubbing the logs really well. Let me know what you all think..

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Be careful of vented natural gas fireplaces. A relative had one installed 5 years ago and can trace family illnesses to that time. Depression, memory lapses,racing heart, rashes, muscle/body aches, intestinal problems...all the symptoms of barium and arsenic poisoning. They are starting chelation therapy to try and get rid of these poisons.

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Mine smells like propane and we have had it looked at a few different time and everyone told us it was fine. Any suggestions???

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I as well have a stove that smells. Its a propane burning Vermont Castings Sundance direct vent. Ive had it looked at but no answer. Ive had it since 2007 and its been smelling like that since and I use it every year for a few months. But I dont run it for long (an hour)Im kinda afraid to. Its that candle smell thing as mentioned above. Someone from Vermont Castings should know but theyre hard to reach as far as my experience.

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I'm dealing with the gas fireplace smell from a Lennox insert vented through the chimney on natural gas. All service people agree that it is a problem and are stumped. The best we can describe it is like seasoning a cast iron skillit, but not exactly--hot oily metal. More than one person has gotten head aches and bruning eyes. The smell isn't consistant: sometimes we have been able to burn the stove all day, others it was really bad right away. It was installed about a year ago, the dealer and installer have checked everything they can check, so the stove was removed and tested at the shop... still made the same smell but only slightly. It has been burned more than enough to cure the paint. Nothing outside the unit is getting hot (mantle, hearth, interior of old fire box are all cool to touch). Lennox tech people have assured me that there is no way there is a problem with the stove. I'm about to invest in an HDTV with a fireplace dvd to fill the firebox!

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