Fireplace heat help. Gas starter.

rysoxNovember 21, 2007

Ive never owned a fireplace before moving into my latest address. It has an older fireplace, vented thru a chimney and what also looks like a damper/vent on the side of house.

It has a gas starter I believe, which is turned on and off by a key type tool. There is no standing pilot light. The damper is closed. and there is a vent thats opens and closes into the living space.

I havent tried to use it yet, I just vacuumed out the old owners mess from inside.

How do I use such a fireplace? And I am concerned about its safety since it has a gas starter. Please advise.

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Yeah, I had one like this. The gas starter is there for convenience.
No safety concerns if the fp has been verified to be in working order. Also, you should have a fp screen and/or door.
Would be better if you had an experience person walk you through the lighting procedure, but this is how I did it...

1) Open the flue/damper.
2) Turn ON the gas starter (low) and light immediately.
3) Wait about a minute to allow the flue to heat up, so it draws the smoke upward.
4) Add your kindling or smaller pieces of wood to get the fire started.
5) Then add some larger pieces of wood once fire is established.
6) Close the screen.
7) Turn OFF the gas starter.
8) enjoy.

Never go to bed with a fire going.
Allow it to burn out and close the doors
(if you have them). Also, I usually leave the
flue open until the next day.

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