Installing self-stick vinyl tiles over old linoleum

paintergal92March 10, 2008

I just purchased 12" vinyl self-stick tiles for our kitchen. Currently, our 1930's house has carpet in the kitchen that I need to remove. Under that is two layers of linoleum. Since this is old linoleum, I am assuming that it is made with asbestos so I don't want to remove it, but install over it.

My question, the gal at Lowe's where I purchased the tiles, said to scuff the linoleum to create a better adhesion for the tiles. I did some research online and read to NOT sand old linoleum due to the asbestos.

The tiles need a smooth surface and I'm a little nervous about how to achieve this.

Anyone have any advice?


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LOL! There is more to it then that!!!

Lets not get linoleum, confused with asbestos sheet vinyl. Lino, never had and neved did have asbestos. Now sheet vinyl was made with asbestos. You can remove it by keeping things wet, so no dust is created. Some States do not let you abate asbestos. California, being the main one, with very high fines.

ARDEX has a produce to encapsulate and emboss the sheet vinyl before you prime for the self stick tiles.

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Well, I am obviously very illiterate in terms of flooring! I am going from the assumption that this floor under the carpet has asbestos in it. I really don't know for sure and I don't know if it's vinyl or linoleum. I just assumed it's lino, because of the age of the house.
So this Ardex is a product I can use to cover the old floor? The gal at Lowe's told me I shouldn't use a primer over vinyl. Color me confused!

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Your not suppose to go straight over the vinyl. Plasticizer migration of the existing plastic top layer of sheet vinyl, with mess with the adhesive. Your suppose to emboss the surface of the vinyl, with a product made just for that, Like Ardex SD-F Feather finish. All self stick tiles require a primer, that is part of the system.

As soon as you start listening and believeing the help at the big box stores like Lowe's and Home Depot, your on your way to failure.

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