Engineered hardwood flooring?s

footwedgeMarch 6, 2011

The DW wants to replace the only carpet remaining in the house and I must say, I agree. I need some answers from the experts. The engineered flooring will be placed atop concrete and I assume there will be no moisture issues since we have glued hardwood, with no hollow sound, performing in the foyer and dining room that was placed when the house was built in 1988. I do not want the hollow sound.

1. What brands/manufacturers would you recommended?

2. Is there another install method that can eliminate the hollow sound? 2 layers of padding?

3. What thickness is recommended?

4. If glued, should the floor be leveled?

5. Is this flooring as slippery as laminate?

6. Would you recommend installing EHW in a kitchen, mud room and laundry room?



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I highly recommend Lauzon flooring. We have Lauzon engineered with a glue down installation on concrete. It is not slippery, but you asked if it's as slippery as laminate. I have never lived with laminate, so can't compare the two. We decided not to have wood for our kitchen or laundry room floor. Many people have wood in these areas and have no problems at all. It was just a personal preference for us.

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wood products glued vs floated seldom have the hollow tinny sound of laminates. Of course the floor has to be leveled there are specific requirements most mfctrs put in the instructions. Most hardwoods I wouldn't consider 'slippery'. You can put wood anywhere but understand that in a moisture area if you have a plumbing leak you will have an insurance claim if it gets too wet. The good news is you can replace just the boards that get damaged so its a good idea to keep some extra wood around for repairs down the road.

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