What to do with gross cheese

ynnejFebruary 26, 2012

DH brought home 3 bags of shredded cheese- all of which are fat free. Gross. What should I do with these? Is there a way to make them edible? (2 cheddar, 1 mozzarella)

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Make pimento cheese!

Used to camp and this is the recipe I used and went with us everywhere we camped.

Homemade pimento cheese
1 lb sharp cheddar cheese
1 4 oz jar pimentos
1 small can evaporated milk
1 cup Hellman's mayonnaise ( if you like it thinner, add 1/3 cup more) I like it thin.
Grate cheese and pimento in processor.
Combine with remaining ingredients.
Leave in mixing bowl, refrigerte for several hours or overnite.to thicken.
Makes almost a quart.

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Ug, sorry, but gross cheese is just gross. The pimento cheese idea would help mask bad flavor, I suppose. I have heard, but have not tried for myself, that you can improve such cheese a little by using it to top pizza or a casserole, etc., and the spraying it lightly with a Pam-type spray.

Good luck!

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We love pimento cheese on crackers, grilled cheese, stuffed celery, finger sandwiches!

Wonder if fat free preshredded melts as well as regular, on pizza.

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It might be good mixed into the batter for corn bread or savory muffins. The texture and the fact that it doesn't melt well won't be factors.

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I tried to make "healthy" quiche once by using fat free cheese and skimmed milk. It was awful. Just a watery mess!

I think if you are going to use it, you are better off not heating it or trying to melt it. The pimento cheese sounds like the best option. Pimento cheese sandwiches for lunch for DH?

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How about Jimmy Dean Sausage Balls? Although they are appetizers, I make up a batch of these, freeze them, and reheat them as a breakfast meat (I make my own sausage and home-made version of baking mix for the recipe).


Here is a link that might be useful: Jimmy Dean Sausage Balls

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I don't like to waste any more than anyone does, BUT... I'm all about quality and flavour and if the cheese is gross, throw it out. No sense wasting other ingredients to try and save a "gross" ingredient.


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I would gift such denatured cheese to one of my good friends who cannot eat regular cheese - she has a really hard time metabolizing fats, and cheese is one of the primo items on her no-no list. I could then feel so generous and virtuous, without having to actually ingest any of it myself.

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Thank you! You've all provided me with some great options.

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I'm frugal and also hate to waste stuff... but "fat free" cheese... ain't remotely close to the real thing. I will buy shredded cheese, IF it's on sale... face it... it's convenient. But IMNSHO... think a block of FULL fat cheese... few minutes of work on a grater... or even less time in food processor... is the only way to get something that really has a good cheese flavor.

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