Pressure Cooking Adventures

mxyplxFebruary 14, 2012

Last Friday I was pressure cooking a beef roast and noticed the pressure regulator was rocking slower and slower and finally stalled. I switched to another burner but now what? I managed to deduce how much time to allow, added a couple minutes to that and the roast came out OK.

It turns out one of the wire connectors to the burner had burned thru and the insulator was destroyed so the burner quit working. And now I recall occasionally seeing a wiff of smoke but thinking it was just crumbs on the burner when it was really the insulator.

So. I switched wires around from a smaller burner and commenced to pressure cook some beef stew last night. Well! the pressure regulator went apes. Musta did sumthin rong. I turned the burner down but it didn't go down. I slid the cooker to another burner and that jogged the regulator so it stuck partly open. LOTSA steam.

Well I finally got all that under control and once more had to try another burner and estimate the time and hope there was enough water left in the pot and the stew came out OK.

It turns out the switch must also have been overheated and the current control destroyed because the burner only has one setting - high. I'll swap switches next with high hopes.

Hope you enjoyed my little adventure.

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You are mighty...brave? be playing with electricity and pressure cookers at the same time! Don't get me wrong, I love my pressure cooker, but I am very cautious with it. I hope you solve your problems!

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