Ebony Stain on new white oak floor

kamkar2006March 31, 2012

We are building a new house and our builder gives us white oak and an option to stain, but we can only do one coat. I want to get an espresso brown color. Can anyone post any pics of floors they have done similar to this? Should I be looking at ebony? I don't want it to look jet black though! Thanks in advance!

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Hi! I'm searching for the same answers as you basically and found this photo of a rich dark brown stained oak hardwood floor. He said he used ebony stain and water popped the floor first which there is a link there where he explains exactly how to do it.
I don't know if my guys have the patience to water pop my floor and am wondering if I could do it myself before they stain. Anyway, I hope this helps and let me know if you find any other info or photos out there.

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Dark floors are not a one coat process, even with water popping. You need to pay the upgrade for more work if you want dark. Ebony has a greenish undertone, just like white oak does. You are most likely looking at a custom stain as well, with several "recipes" being tried before you find the one that you approve of.

But, be careful what you ask for. Be sure that you actually can live with dark floors first. They look great right after you dust mop them, but just like a dark colored car after it's washed, 15 minutes later, you see more dust and dirt on the surface.

In a builder grade situation, I would suggest one coat of Provincial, or Special Walnut, (or English Chestnut if you want to more counteract the bit of green that white oak has) and leave it at that. These will be a one coat medium brown that you can live with and won't cost you an arm and a leg for custom work. If you upgrade to more work, both from the flooring guy and for yourself for the added long term maintainence, then a mix of 2/3 Ebony and 1/3 Red Mahogany, waterpopped, 2 coats, has been a successful recipe that I've used for clients in the past on white oak. Remember to always test on at least a 2x2 sample patch before giving your approval to any stain, no matter if it's straight out of the can or a custom mix. How the individual floor finisher handles the wood and the individual wood itself, plus the lighting in your home will have the greatest impact on color. It's what turns every site finished floor into "custom" work.

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