Wainscot a fireplace

bsspewerOctober 2, 2011

Below is a photo of my current fireplace. I'm about to install new hardwood flooring in this room, and I'd like to update the look of the fireplace.

I've seen some fireplaces with a wainscot look. Can I do the same with mine by keeping the current mantel, painting it white, and building a paneled wainscot on top of the tile that surrounds the fireplace? The biggest worry I have is having wood paneling so close to the edges (glued over the current tile).

Photos of current fireplace, and a similar design that I'd like to achieve:

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Wow, that mantle looks classy, I'd surely hate to recommend painting it but it has been done for a lot of years and is surely according to ones personal tastes. What you want to do has a classy traditional look to it. I think, from my looking at a lot of older homes with the look you are after, you shouldn't have many issues doing what you want. On most that I have seen where the fireplace gets used, I've seen some discoloring where a small amount of smoke may have escaped from time to time.

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Thanks Windslam. I'm painting over the old mantle in the interest of saving money.

I can easly do the wainscoting. It's not that hard. I'm just worried about code violations with putting it up as I'm thinking. The only code information I can easily find on fireplaces only stated that a distance of 6 inches from the top of the fireplace opening to any combustables must be mantained.

Since my fireplace has those vents above the fireplace, I think I'll be safe. I'm just here trying to assure myself of my own thinking :)

If worse comes to worse, I'd buy a longer mantle and put the light tile (the ones laid out on the hearth) around the fireplace with my wainscot design on the outer edges of the tile.

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