Who's Making a King Cake?

MichelleDTFebruary 19, 2012

I am going to make my first King Cake with my 8 yo niece. Looks so good and will be fun for both of us. I like the addition of the mask.

Do you have a favorite King Cake recipe to share?

Here is a link that might be useful: Mardi Gras King Cake

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I've always wanted too. Ive been to New Orleans 3 times and would love to go back (although I've never been during Mardi Gras). DH is not a cake person. I doubt he would eat it. Maybe if I called it a "King Bread" he would. There's just the two of us, so I would wind up eating the majority of it.

I can't believe how fast Fat Tuesday & Ash Wednesday are coming up!

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That is beautiful but looks more like a pastry, not that there's anything wrong with that! First one I ever saw that I thought was pretty but then I'm not from N.O.LOL

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I'm passing on the cake, but if I were skinny I'd be making one. I am making red rice and beans, though.

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My husband and I were in New Orleans last Thursday through Sunday. It was the start of Mardi Gras and King Cakes were everywhere along with beads and thousands of people. It was insane but really fun. We didn't try the King Cakes but had a few Beignets which were wonderful. Had some wonderful food. We ate at "Luke" Chef John Besh's restaurant in the Hilton. There were five of us and everyone's meal was just great. Will go back again if I have the chance. Loved it!


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Having been a flight attendant for Braniff International I got to experience NOLA Mardi Gras five times. I flew a lot of New Orleans layovers. To me the traditional NOLA King Cake is more like a coffee cake than a dessert cake.

And Braniff (at the time) was the largest carrier of South America and I had the pleasure of experiencing Mardi Gras in Rio once.

Michelle - your cake looks delightful and the mask is a wonderful addition. Who got the baby?

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Yes, King Cakes aren't cake, they're a raised dough that's traditionally spread with cinnamon sugar, rolled up and formed into a circle. Don't forget the baby inside. When I lived in New Orleans I made and sold tons of King Cakes at Mardi Gras season.These days the most popular filling is a cream cheese filling, similar to Ann T's danish. Apple is also popular but they sell many different kinds. I still have a bag of babies around here. We never slashed them like that pic though, the baby might peek out. LOL.

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No king cake here in Chicago but that does look good.

The city has a strong Polish community, so Tuesday is for Paczi, pronounce Poonshky. Basically a Bismark or jelly doughnut, full of cremes or fruit and topped with sugar. Lent is a time of reflection and sacrifice, so this uses up any fats and sugars in the home.

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This is probably heresy on a cooking blog, but if anyone wants to BUY instead of MAKING a king cake, I've had excellent results from Gambino's. That's where my family always got King Cakes from. Their other stuff is delish, as well. Their Doberge cakes are great.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gambino's bakery

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Michelle - the King cake I am making is onthe other Mardi Gras food link. I havent made it before, but I like the way it sounds :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Mardi Gras thread

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Our cake was very similar to your recipe.....it turned over very good.....the niece wanted to use blue instead of purple sugar - so blue it was. She was very proud of the cake and she even made the mask from scratch. Was loads of fun and now I have to get the cake out of my house or I will eat it all!



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I love the Doberge Cakes from Gambino's!

Whole Food's here in Colorado sells King Cakes, and they are pretty good. I bought 5 of them this year. This year's flavors were Cinnamon, Rasberry/creamcheese, Praline, and berry chantilly (???). They only started selling them 10 days ago. At home they start selling them at the beginning of Mardi Gras Season (early January).

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