pacific energy summit classic wood stove

buttercupiaOctober 13, 2009


Now that our 25 year old Nashua nfp1 wood stove has developed a big crack in the baffle wall, we just purchased a summit classic wood stove and wonder if there is anyone out there that has one and can relate how well they actually work. All I have found on the web appears to be positive reviews, and I'm looking forward to its arrival in a couple of weeks. Any real-life reviews or clues out there?

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I've never had a Summit but I have a Super 27 and a Vista both by Pacific Energy. These are great wood stoves with a simple design and good build quality. Just burn good dry wood in it and make sure to char off all of the wood before you turn down the air control too much. After having a Nashua, I think you will be very surprised at how clean the Summit burns and how much more heat and longer burns you will get. I think you'll be happy with your choice.

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We too have a Super 27 Pacific Energy stove and it is GREAT. So much better than the other 2 wood stoves we have had.

When we installed this one we made sure to bring air in from the outside. The air inside the house is not dry anymore. Huge improvement.

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how did you bring the air in from the outside?

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On the Pacific energy summit wood stove.
Has the extended burn technology been improved?
Or was there ever a problem with starting the stove?
Or was the Sales guy trying to tell me that the new tech. with the extended burn was newer to get a sale because I could have bought a fairly new one for cheap!

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There has been an upgrade to the Summit platform which is called the Series B.

I haven't seen one but I understand that there have been modifications to the EBT akin to a barometric damper.

Not sure if it is worth the extra money if you can get a fairly new one for cheap. Also it doesn't really add that much overall efficiency or significantly extend burn time.

To update my thread from three years ago. I sold the Super 27 and got a Summit insert. I like it a little better because it holds more wood, and therefore puts out more heat but that Super 27 could actually get (slightly) longer burns.

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