Lumber Liquidator's Click Vinyl Planks?

CamGMarch 18, 2013

Anyone use the free-floating vinyl planks from LL? The reviews seem mixed. We have two big dogs and two kids (so far) and are looking for a durable, soft floor. We don't have stores that carry the higher end vinyl planks that I see mentioned here, as Lowes and the like all seem to carry the peel and stick kind. Thanks.

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LL is pretty low quality anything. Most Lowes will special order a lot of stuff. There's also Build Direct for job lot quantities. Or my new favorite supplier is ProSource. If you have one near you, check them out. Great selection, and wholesale prices. And now a lot of them are carrying cabinets too. That's who LWO is working for now, and I just had to visit and check them out. Their vinyl selection is pretty darn good, but I was more impressed with their carpet and tile selections.

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Not sure about LL vinyl plank but I have sold some Freefit vinyl to a friend who installed it in part of his bike shop. He wanted wood but I advised against because it's at the back door where all the deliveries arrive. It's looking good after more than a year. I've seen several of these floors locally in commercial areas and they seem to be performing well.

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We installed Earthwerks, Rapidclic in our kitchen. It's very nice and looks like wood. Everyone who sees it cannot believe it is vinyl plank.

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