Kitchen Floor Color Selection

DA_MccoyMarch 31, 2012

With reluctance I am posting this concern on two forums as I can't determine if the proper site for assistance/comment is Flooring or Home Decorating.

Here it goes.

I am preparing to purchase and place a Pergo floor in my kitchen. The kitchen has medium oak cabinets and all stainless appliances. It is of fairly good size with an 12ftx10ft floor space with no island or peninsula.

My concern is, for best effect am I suppose to select a color of floor to blend/match the cabinets or am I suppose select one to contrast? I have viewed samples in the kitchen and not knowing has caused confusion.

I have asked numerous associates and no one seems to know. Obviously the generic answer was get what you like. However, when you only get one shot at the installation you try to cover everything first.

Thanks. And if you ever have computer concerns be sure to drop over to the Help Forum and visit with us. There's a lot of well versed users there.


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If you get similar color tones, then the cabinets blend into the floor and all you get is one visual blobby mass of wood. If you go darker or lighter than the cabinets, then you actually get to notice and appreciate each element by itself. Contrast is always a good goal when it comes to doing wood on wood or any other decor element.

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Thank you. I like your thought as it is similar to mine.
A darker floor enhances the room rather than muting it with a matching one.


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