raising credit score?

addictedtorosesJuly 17, 2013

I have a problem that nobody seems able to help me with. My credit score is between 625-665, which isn't too bad but it could be better. I pay my bills but iI do have a few old medical bills that went to collections. My debt to credit ratio is good, my credit history is short. Everyone that has looked at my credit says that it's too good for the score to be so low. One guy said he would make some phone calls to try to fix it but then he never got back to me. He said he didn't understand why the score was so low but sometimesthere was a glitch in the system. He said that he had seen 725 scores that weren't as good as mine so i don't know why the score isn't better. I don'thave trouble financing anything but I could get better rates if my score were better. Does anyone here know who i would need to call to get this mess straightened out?

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Suggest you take a look at your credit report (not score). It's free once a year at Annual Credit Report dot com. Then challenge anything that's not right. The main thing (I understand) is to keep use of credit low , make payments on time, and always pay at least the minimum. If you have any old credit accounts (maybe store credit cards) keep them open. There's no one you can "call" about this. Any protests about your credit info should be made in writing. The mailing addresses of the 3 credit bureaus are readily available. It takes some time for a credit score to change. Don't keep checking. Wait a few months before you check it again. Good luck.

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