Ben Franklin Cast Iron stove

krista72October 28, 2008

Hello, we have a cast iron stove that we just installed. However I just noticed by looking at pictures of other stoves, I believe ours is missing a piece. It looks like there must be a plate that goes in the back of the stove but facing towards the front. kind of in this shape\. Is this piece important?

For we have used our stove without it. The only thing we are having problems with is getting a draft. When we first start a fire and when it goes down, there is a lot of smoke that comes into the house.

Any help would be great.


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I cannot help with the technical problem you are having. But I would be concerned about using the stove if it brings smoke into the house because it may also bring carbon monoxide into the house when the smoke subsides. I wouldn't use it until you get it fixed.

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I am missing my baffle plate. Is this plate something I need to run my stove?

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Hello how you doing, my question is what year did Benjamin Franklin first make the cast iron stove that Burns wood and coil and what year did he make hi last one also how can I find out if my stove is considered a antique are not?

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