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GWloloFebruary 14, 2013

I make yogurt at home all the time and now want to expand to kefir making. Mainly for smoothies for breakfast or light dinner. I have been reading a lot about it and would like to get some good quality kefir grains. Is there a source you can recommend. Is yogourmet brand any good - it is what is available in my local wholefoods. Ideally, I would like to make enough for 2 glasses per day for DH and I. Any tips to make the kefir that tastes mild and not too tart?

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I haven't been making it very long but I have gotten a product that really tastes great and is very easy to do. I got my grains from a friend . He had then stored in 2% milk. They like to be in what they are used to according to what I read. I tried them in whole milk as that was all I had and they weren't happy :( I got some 2% and they have been very happy since. I take one tsp of grains and place in a clean pint mason jar and fill up with the cold 2% milk. I stir well once. I leave on the counter over night. In the am it is the consistency of soft yogurt and a little bit fizzy...very mild. I take out one tsp of curds and add to a new pint of milk and drain the rest of the grains and use as soft cheese like ricotta. I either make a smoothy or use in soup the current pint or put into the fridge.

I have read on here as well as all over the net. The kefir grains like to be used. They like fresh milk. They don't need to be be "big" to do what they need to do. As a matter of fact since I have been using mine every single day they are milder and multiplying but staying soft and small. All together I love them way better now than the ones I got originally which were larger and firmer and much more tart.

This is just my take and I am sure grainlady will come by...she has been doing this for years. I am very very happy with mine and the product I am getting is superior. Good Luck !! c

draining the can see how small and soft they are :

up close draining:

after 24 hrs:

making a smoothy !

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Put the word out to your friends, check "Freecycle", or a local health food store or food co-op (check the bulletin boards) and see if anyone has some REAL kefir grains, or know someone who has some, they would share with you. There are also sources on-line - I just haven't ever used one to suggest it.

Skip the Yogourmet kefir. It's entirely different from the kefir you make with REAL grains. I first started using Yogourmet until I found the grains, which I've used now for about 10-years. If you do use Yogourmet kefir, you can use a portion from your first batch (1/4-1/3-cup to 2-4 cups of milk) to use as a starter for another batch or two (kinda like you do with homemade yogurt), but the bacteria quickly die and you won't get a curd. Which proves it isn't REAL kefir, just a selection of a few bacteria. But you will get several quarts for the price of one that way (always looking at the economics ;-).

The amount of kefir you make will depend on how many grains you have (grains to milk ratio). I normally use 1/3-1/2 cup grains to 2-1/2 cups milk and make it every few days, or will make 2 or 3 consecutive batches if I need more to use as a substitute for buttermilk, or drained and used in recipes for cream cheese, plain yogurt, or sour cream. We use it in a smoothie every morning as well.

Once you get the grains, they will start growing pretty quickly with regular use. I rest my grains in the refrigerator in a cup of milk in a pint jar with a plastic lid on the jar. If the grains have been resting in that milk for several days (or up to a week or two - if you go on vacation), when I take the grains out to use for the next batch and I just let the jar with 1-cup of milk sit out to ferment as well. There will be enough bacteria from the grains sitting in it to ferment the milk and make curds/whey. So don't toss that milk out!!!

If you haven't found Dom's Kefir In-site, the link below, will give you lots of information.

Good luck with your search for grains.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dom's Kefir Insite

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