Need some help - removing some fireplace brick

canuck88October 8, 2009

Hi all,

We'd like to remove the top two rows of brick to lower our mantel (we want the TV above, but currently it's a bit too high for our taste). however, when I removed the current mantel I discovered that behind the brick facade appears to be poured concrete. I'm not sure how far down the concrete goes...

Should I still be trying to take the top two rows out or is this a lost cause??

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If this is an actual wood burning fireplace -

you might still be able to remove the two rows of brick, and use a concrete saw and chisel - and cut/smooth down the concrete to the required level.

HOWEVER - before you do this - you would need to examine the outside structure carefully. And probably have a chimney person come on out, and give you some advice, or what he thought options would be, and how much possibly they wouold charge.

Reason being - a wood burning fireplace needs a chimney. A true birck chimney WEIGHS a lot! Concrete has been used as a foundation for a brick chimney. So you need to know what the concrete is doing, purpose of, etc. before you go cutting into it. But I have a lot of concrete tools, and concrete cutting tools do exist, so it could be cut... just need to know more stuff before you go messing with it.

Might even ask a structural engineer to come on out, and take a look. Depends on how bad you want to watch Frasier with the TV at the desired height :)

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