King Head and Footboard

dorry2April 25, 2010

I am replacing my queen mattress for a king mattress set. The top of the mattress to the floor measures 29" using a heavy duty steel frame. I think I will be ok with using a heavy-duty king frame and a headboard, but if I use a foot and headboard, will the bed sit too high? My friend had this problem because years ago the mattresses were narrower and I guess furn. mfrs compensated and made the frames higher. Now the mattresses are thicker and I am wondering if furn. mfrs. have changed the design so the beds are not TOO high-in other words, the frame would sit a tad lower to compensate for the height of the newer, thicker, mattresses. Are head and footboard frames a standard height from the floor??

I don't want to use a low profile box-spring because then a standard dust ruffle will not fit. May not ever use a dust ruffle, but I would like that option.

If I use a steel frame, which I already purchased, it will sit 29" from the floor. My friend had to have the mfr.make and send brackets so the bed frame could be lowered. I hope this makes sense. I can live with the mattress being 29" from the floor, but any higher might be awkward. Don't want to use a step stool to get into bed.

Another concern is I will bet my nightstands will be too low - they are 25-1/2 high and 22" wide.

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Beds are made at all kinds of heights these days to accommodate the thicker mattresses/box springs. Find some beds you like and call local dealers with your mattress/box spring height and they can give you an idea of how far from the floor you'll be sleeping.

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