Quality Outdoor Furniture Brands/Materials?

wendage2April 25, 2013

I am looking to buy an outdoor dining set, chaise loungers and possible seating set. I have no idea what brands are high quality and/or what type of material are best to buy. We live in California and get occasional rain in the winter but that is our only weather issue.

Many thanks!

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It demands great care and patience if you want to buy a satisfied and high quality outdoor furniture. You need to pay attention on price, material, design, product warranty and so on. If you don't mind to buy it from online store. You can search it by search engines

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Buying outdoor furniture from an online store is the best option.When choosing outdoor furniture it's important to get the best quality you can afford plus something that looks beautiful and will last a long time.

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Another for Tropitone. Our Tropitone is in its 24th year and still going strong. We do pack it away in winter. I think it comes with a 15 year warranty, or at least it use to.

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I prefer summer classics wicker collections. Their patio furniture is very durable to all kinds of weather including very sunny places. Wicker is always a good choice when it comes to material because it is for the most part light weight and easy to store and move. Hope this helped!

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We bought a set of Brown Jordan in 1994. We are careful with it -- cover it at night, store it in winter. It has held up very well. Even the cushions are all fine, and original. We use it daily all summer, every summer. The pain has chipped of the aluminum here and there but I have just mixed up the color with some acrylic paint and touched it up.

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I just purchased a neat outdoor set made from old wooden cedar timbers and steel. The guy that made them said that cedar is one of the best woods to use outdoors due to its moisture resistance and not only that, but bugs dont eat it. Rusty Rail Designs was the name, and his stuff is very well priced for being totally custom made.

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Woodard is an excellent maker of outdoor furniture. We inherited a Woodard wrought iron set when we purchased our house 30 years ago, and it is still going strong (except cushions need replacement).

Last year, we built a new patio and bought a Woodard aluminum table and chair set. It's beautiful, functional, built well. I wasn't a fan at first of sling chairs, but the Woodard slings were so comfortable we decided to get them. So easy to take care of--just leave them outside. Woodard also has a great warranty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodard furniture

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Actually there are many good quality brands you can choose from. If you can just give some time and surf the internet more, i bet you can find many. One of the best is wicker, aside from that it is very durable and highly weather resistant, you can even find many designs and styles that can be appealing. The root concern is your budget. .

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Look at Loyd Flanders

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Your question is too vague, first is to determine the style and type you like, research the materials used in manufacturing and how long each type material will last in your environment.
Then look at who is manufacturing / selling this.

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After reviewing many of these products online, I came to find Rattan Outdoor Furniture Brand. They have a great warranty, free shipping and the sectional I purchased was woven with Viro Fiber. What a beautiful set! Here's the link https://www.rattanoutdoorfurniture.com/products/collections/brighton/6-piece-sectional-set/

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Personally I like Brown Jordon. It is kind of expensive but I think it is worth the investment

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Also check out Kannoa

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Flegel's Interior Design & Furniture

Definitively Brown Jordan.

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